Retailers list The Last of Us Remastered for release on June 20th

Who is excited to play The Last of Us but doesn’t own a Playstation 3 and has no plans to get one. Well as we at Gameluster have reported on multiple occasions The Last of Us is on it’s way to Playstation 4 and is set to be called The Last of Us Remastered and feature some newer content. You can find all the information on the new features in this game that we have reported so far here and information on when the game started development here.

The only thing we haven’t heard much about is a release for the game or at least until now. Many retailers are listing the game for release on June 20th. Retailers Target, Best Buy and GameFly are all listing the same date for release so this could be pretty accurate. It is very likely that while Sony hasn’t confirmed anything to the general public, they very likely could have gone and let stores now on an estimated release date. Then again they could be completely off but hopefully this is right and we will see release for this game very soon.

I hope you are all excited for The Last of Us Remastered and as usual here is the trailer for the game.

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