A new Sonic game will release in 2017

For many the announcement of a new Sonic game is not exactly an exciting prospect, after years of (supposedly) deteriorating quality it can be hard to find interest in Sonic. Even still we can’t deny that the prospect of a brand new Sonic game around the 25th anniversary of the franchise is exciting, and Sega (during an event to commemorate the anniversary) even revealed the expected new game is coming in 2017 with a simple image you can see above.

It has been previously teased that the new game will be revealed at an event on July 22nd, and this has been confirmed true, the event will be streamed live so that we can all see the new games reveal as it happens, and lets hope Sonic Team lives up to the promise to return the series back to form.

I don’t know what to expect from the new game but I am sure that they can pull it off and develop a great Sonic game. Perhaps they could even revisit the generations style of Sonic game that they did for the 20th anniversary, but for now we have a month to wait and get excited for the future of Sonic. Just please, no mobile games the one’s we already have are terrible.

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