Xbox Fitness is shutting down

It may be easy to forget but the Xbox One had a novel Fitness idea, when the system launched back in 2013 it came with a program simply known as Xbox Fitness which worked surprisingly well. This program used the Kinect as a means to our exercise as you did routines made by many major fitness experts, and again for what it is worth it worked well.

This service used Games With Gold as a major component, first off some of the activities were free to subscribers, while others you had to pay real money for, however those who used the program are going to be disappointed as it is all shutting down. Microsoft has announced plans for how they will proceed with the shutdown, as of today June 27th you will no longer be able to purchase any of the exercise programs, with existing users who have put down their hard earned cash only having access to those premium interactive videos until June 30.

December 15 will mark the date in which “Free with Gold” will be removed from the service, which gave Gold members access to 30+ workouts for free. Lastly, Xbox Fitness will come to a complete close on July 1, 2017, no longer giving users access to any of the workouts.

Truly a dark day for the Xbox One’s fitness initiative, yet this isn’t surprising one bit. Microsoft is pretty much ditching the Kinect which was supposed to be a cornerstone of the Xbox One hardware, and so sooner or later this service was going to leave us.

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