A Sky Full of Stars Arrives on Steam this December

From the team who made the highly acclaimed visual novel If My Heart Had Wings comes a coming-of-age astronomy tale full of love, comedy and excitement. A Sky Full of Stars will arrive on Steam this December, fully dubbed in Japanese with English subtitles.

A Sky Full of Stars follows the stories of young people from different schools who come together to gaze at the stars. Childhood friendships, passed-down traditions, deep bonds forged over time, and even deeper feelings will intersect. Old relationships and moments left in the past will be drawn out under the stars.

Fans of the previous game can expect the same quality in MoeNovel’s latest visual novel. It features HD images and a twinkling night sky promised to be as accurate as possible, presented using planetarium engine software. It also has some scenes recorded using a “binaural recording method”, supposedly lending a “natural-feeling closeness” to the characters’ audio.

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