Activision spending $500 Million on Destiny

Who would have thought developing a game could cost a lot of money, until last year I thought they barely cost anything, that was until I realised just how expensive they were to make. Now how about spending 500 million dollars on a game, that is a lot of money, it is more then most people make in a year, but that is Activision’s budget for there highly anticipated game Destiny. Activision is reportedly spending 500 million dollars in many ways in order to give the game the best potential, CEO Bobby Kotick, speaking at last week’s Milken conference announced this budget and says that it goes into many things surrounding the game including development and marketing. That figure also accounts for marketing, packaging, infrastructure support, royalties and other costs.

This is a big risk for Activision and I hope it pays off for them as Destiny looks and sounds incredible lets hope many people pick it up and play and don’t make Activision feel like they made a mistake.

Source: Gaming Everything

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