Since nearly the start of the 6th biggest gaming franchise in history (Need for Speed) EA have been releasing instalments every year, but that is not the case this year.

Ghost Games announced this shocking news earlier today in its quarterly earnings call.

After this announcement IGN spoke too the Creative Director: Marcus Nilsson who said “We’ve decided to take the time to build the game we really want to build in the next fiscal year. Looking at where the racing market now is, and looking at the Need for Speed brand, we see a pretty clear strategy of what we need to achieve. And to achieve that, we need time.”

Nillson emphasised the point that the studio needs time to create a great game, and he also said that in 2015 Need for Speed will be ‘Dramatically Different.”


There are a few reasons going through my head for the delay. Number 1 is that at the start of the year we heard the Criterion Games actually left EA studious, so maybe they were working on the game and then just left, so obviously Ghost games would need a lot more time.

or number 2: Maybe with the disappointing Need for Speed movie they need too space the two items a part so it doesn’t affect sales numbers, and it realises to actually sell a lot of games it needs to step up the game, and the only way too do that is to delay it.

So do you guys so the delay as a bad thing or a good thing? Do you think the brand needs a ‘reboot’ and more time to develop. Or where you excited for this years instalment? I really loved Rivals so i’m pretty sad that I wont get a new game this year, but I’m still excited because I know that next years game is going to be awesome. And am I the only one who really liked the movie? Well either way know that there is no NFS this year I have even more time to get my Rivals platinum trophy 😀

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