AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES – nirvanA initiative – How to Unlock the “A…do…roo…ster” Achievement

Fans of intricate mysteries, escape rooms, and clever puzzles should definitely check out AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES – nirvanA Initiative, the latest game from developer Kotaro Uchikoshi and publisher Spike Chunsoft. Team up with detectives Ryuki Kuruto and Mizuki Date as well as their AI partners Tama and Aiba to solve the mystery of the “Half Body Serial Killings” as bizarrely bisected bodies begin popping up all over town!

AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES – nirvanA initiative is technically a sequel to the 2019 title AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES, but it can be played without knowledge of the first game. Most of the references to the first game are hidden and sneaky – including the secret achievement “A…do…roo…ster,” which centers around a series of animal plushies that, despite their in-universe popularity, may in fact possess a dark magical power. In the first game, protagonist Kaname Date and partner Aiba could be “cursed” by an Adorabbit doll belonging to Mizuki. Now, in nirvanA Initiative, Ryuki and Tama must avoid a dastardly curse from the “fowl”-minded Adorooster.


Ryuki, Mizuki and their partners possess the unique ability to explore the dreams and subconscious minds of others, known as “Somnium.” To solve each Somnium, the player must guide Tama or Aiba to interact with various objects in order to unlock the subject’s hidden knowledge. The “A…do…roo…ster” achievement is hidden in the Somnium of Shoma Enda, a young boy who has a troubled relationship with his father. Shoma’s Somnium is titled “Nested Insecurities,” which is located on Chapter 4 of Ryuki’s R2 route.

Each Somnium is timed the first time a player challenges it, but can later be re-entered in untimed “Unlimited Psync” mode as many times as the player desires. It is recommended that you unlock this hidden achievement in Unlimited mode, as it comes with a hefty time penalty otherwise.


To unlock this achievement, progress the Somnium as normal until able to interact with the refrigerator in Shoma’s house. Have Tama “Lift” the refrigerator to reveal an Adorooster doll hidden underneath it. Adorooster will disappear, but the pot of miso soup next to the refrigerator will now display interaction prompts. When Tama interacts with the pot, you will be presented with four identical interaction prompts, all reading “Heat Up!” Choose any of the four prompts. Adrooster will come out of the pot and begin to emit creepy purple smoke, and Tama will be unable to move for several seconds. Once she regains her faculties, you will unlock the “A…do…roo…ster” secret achievement.

In nirvanA initiative, the more achievements you unlock, the more bonus costumes you will be able to equip for Aiba and Tama to wear while exploring in Somnium. These costumes include dolls of Adorabbit and Adorooster that they can hold. Therefore, you should definitely check out GameLuster’s other nirvanA initiative guides to unlock more hidden achievements!

AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES – nirvanA Initiative is currently available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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