AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES – nirvanA initiative – How to Unlock the “Kusemon Master” Achievement

Detectives and puzzle fiends alike can put on their thinking caps and dive into AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES – nirvanA initiative, the newest game from acclaimed visual novel and adventure game developer Kotaro Uchikoshi. A sequel to 2019’s AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES, nirvanA initiative lets players encounter new and returning characters as they work together with detectives Ryuki and Mizuki and AI partners Tama and Aiba to solve a case involving bodies strangely cut in half.

One character who returns from the first game is Iris “A-set” Sagan, an internet idol who loves playing video games and livestreaming them to her many fans. As expected, when players get to dive into Iris’s mind using Tama and Aiba’s “Psync” ability, Iris’ dream – or Somnium – takes the form of a video game world. Specifically, in Iris’ Somnium, “Nemesis Identified,” which is encountered in Chapter 5 of Ryuki’s R1 route, players enter the world of “Kusemon GO,” a parody of the popular mobile app Pokemon GO.

In the Somnium, players must explore the map and encounter and capture “Kusemon,” which they then use to challenge Assassins and finally the Mansion Leader in an attempt to unlock the secrets hidden deep within Iris’ mind and heart. Most of the “Kusemon” encountered are characters from nirvanA Initiative itself. However, there are two hidden “Kusemon” representing characters from other classic games. Successfully adding these two Kusemon to your party will unlock the hidden achievement “Kusemon Master.”


The first time a player encounters this Somnium, it will be timed. After beating it once, you can go back as many times as you want and play through the Somnium without a time limit using the “Unlimited Psync” mode. While this secret achievement can technically be unlocked in timed mode, it is recommended that you do so in Unlimited Psync mode because it requires waiting for a significant period of time to complete.

Scattered around the “Kusemon GO” map are various perfectly round topiary. Most of these are simple bushes that will do nothing when interacted with. However, two of the bushes are secretly “Kusemon eggs.” The “Kusemon eggs” are located next to the wall surrounding the outer edge of the Somnium and near the breeezeway connecting the two halves of the mansion.

Simply have your AI partner Tama interact with one of the marked bushes to pick up a “Kusemon egg.” Note that you can only have one egg in your inventory at a time, so you must wait for one to hatch before collecting the other.


Once you are holding an egg, simply have Tama wander around and continue exploring. Approximately one to two minutes later, the egg will hatch. Tama will notify you of its hatching, meaning that you can immediately return and pick up the second egg, which can then be hatched by waiting for another few minutes. While you are waiting, you can complete other tasks such as interacting with items, collecting “Kusemon,” or even battling. This will not affect the egg’s hatching timer. Once you have hatched both “Kusemon,” you will unlock the “Kusemon Master” hidden achievement.

Each of the “Kusemon” contained within an egg is a reference to another video game. “Black and White Bear” is a reference to Monokuma from the Danganronpa series, while “The Wanderer” is a reference to the title character of the Shiren the Wanderer. Both series are published by Spike Chunsoft, which also published nirvanA initiative. The hidden “Kusemon” have extremely powerful attacks, so they make for a great addition to your team when challenging the Mansion Leader and his Assassins. Shiren uses his trademark sword, while Monokuma can call down “Punishment” upon his opponents.


AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES – nirvanA Initiative has a number of achievements to collect, and doing so unlocks a variety of outfits for the “AI-balls” Aiba and Tama to wear. These unlockable outfits even include Shiren’s hat and Monokuma’s head! To unlock all the cosmetics, you will have to collect many achievements, so make sure to check out GameLuster’s other nirvanA initiative content to learn about other secret achievements found within this exciting game.

AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES – nirvanA Initiative is currently available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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