Airtight games has closed its doors

I think it is safe to say that we are never going to see a Murdered Soul Suspect 2, and there are multiple reasons for this the first is because of the poor critical response to the newly released Murdered Soul Suspect which while creative and very interesting in design did not really end up as good as it possibly could have been. The second reason for a sequel never being made comes from the fact of its developers, that is to say that the studio that developed the game is no more. I would assume that Murdered Soul Suspect must have sold so poorly that it created the downfall of development studio Airtight games, it must have even sold so bad that the games publisher Square Enix could not even help Airtight. Airtight games previously developed Dark Void and Quantum Conundrum.

GeekWire reports that Airtight’s Redmond headquarters shuttered yesterday morning. The studio’s office equipment was also seen being sold off at heavy discounts.

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