Ever since it closed on January 31, 2008, there has been no easy, official way for Americans to obtain quality Pokemon merchandise. Now, pokemoncenter.com will be returning August 6, allowing people who are not lucky enough to be in France to buy the previously Japan-exclusive items. If you are unable to wait until August, there is more good news: pokemoncenter.com is already up and running, and items will slowly be added to the website until its official launch. This week, you are able to buy a Pikachu plush, a Mewtwo tumbler, and a pack of Eeveelution keychains, although the keychain pack is missing Sylveon. These are all available for very affordable prices, making pokemoncenter.com a much better alternative to suspicious import website. New Items will be added to the website every week.mewtwo tumbler

eevee keychains

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