Among Us 2 Cancelled As Developer Focuses On Improving Original

Few games have risen to popularity as quickly during these uncertain times as Among Us, the space-themed multiplayer title from developer Innersloth. Originally released in 2018, Among Us gained viral success over the past several months as it was played and discussed by a number of popular Twitch streamers and other industry notables. The game’s unexpected popularity in 2020 is largely due to it being a way for friends to connect and play together remotely, as social distancing and other COVID-19 prevention measures have limited gamers’ abilities to enjoy in-person cooperative titles.

Just about a month ago, Innersloth announced that they were working on Among Us 2, a sequel which would build on the first game’s premise of a group of crewmates preparing a spaceship for launch while being systematically eliminated by murderous “impostors”. However, in an update posted on the developer’s page, Innersloth co-founder PuffballsUnited revealed that the planned sequel has been cancelled. Instead, the development team will focus on improving the original Among Us in a number of ways.

These improvements are expected to take some time, as they will involve making fundamental changes to the game’s core code, which Innersloth currently considers to be “outdated” when compared to modern games. However, PuffballsUnited’s post did list a few of the planned changes which will be made in the upcoming months.

Colorblind support will be added so that players will be able to identify one another – as well as in-game items such as wires – using features other than color. Servers will be added, and players will also be able to create accounts and add other users to their friends list. Finally, the game will receive a new stage inspired by The Henry Stickmin Collection, another game developed by Innersloth.

Hopefully, these changes will make games of Among Us even more enjoyable – if just as tense as ever – in the future!

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