Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival will arrive later this year, comes bundled with two Amiibo and three Amiibo cards

Wording from Nintendo originally suggested we would be seeing Animal Crossing Amiibo festival as a free download, which you would have to follow up with the purchase of Amiibo’s. Thanks to new information we now can safely assume this is not the case, what I can only assume is set to be a budget title (for the game itself) Animal Crossing Amiibo Party comes bundled with all the things you will need to play the game. At least according to a message sent out by Nintendo via Twitter, the message tells us that the game will arrive bundled with two Amiibo’s (Isabelle and Digby), as well as providing us with three Amiibo cards. Unlike some of their other announcements Nintendo has not disclosed a release date for this game only simply reiterating that Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival will arrive in 2015 and that is what comes with it.

Here is the message Nintendo sent via Twitter:

Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival lands in 2015 and comes with an Isabelle & Digby #amiibo + 3 amiibo cards! #WiiU

Here I am really hoping that Nintendo has fixed up their Amiibo situation for this release otherwise this game won’t work out for them as well as they hope.

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