Animal Crossing Amiibo packing

We found out a while ago that Nintendo was bringing out Amiibo’s based on the Animal Crossing franchise to coincide with the release of Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer for the Nintendo 3DS and Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival for the Wii U, both of these games will have a strong focus on Amiibo support further providing reasoning for the lineup of figures. Nintendo has today shared photos of the box’s for their upcoming figures including an interesting three pack one, while a handful of the figures will come individually packaged (including the ones in the three pack) it is good to see another slightly cheaper offering for Amiibo’s. The three pack will provide Amiibo’s for Silus, K.K Slider and Reese a package I will probably buy just for a collectors item and because as you can see these Amiibo’s are adorable. You can see the three pack above, and the others are all below.

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