Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival will be free to download

Animal Crossing Amiibo Party does not seen to be overly worth as a game particularly if you had to pay to play, well it has been confirmed that Animal Crossing Amiibo Party is in fact going to be free, but with a catch. While the game can be downloaded at no cost you will still be required to purchase the individual Amiibo figures in order to play. With this game only Animal Crossing Amiibo’s will be compatible. So at least that is slightly better Nintendo just needs to ensure that there is a good number of Amiibo figures available and not suffer the shortages that we have seen thus far.

It was discovered by Josh Thomas from The Bit Block who sent the following tweet:

BTW I found out that Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival is a free download game. Amiibo are required to play though.

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