Mario Tennis Ultra Smash details

A few new details have surfaced for Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, the game is not exactly what we expected to see from E3 this year, but it does offer some interesting new features some of which you can read about below which has been discovered on the E3 demo:

– 1-on-1 (2 players) and doubles (four-player) matches on display at E3
– Giant Mode: Mega Mushrooms are occasionally thrown onto the court, seemingly at random
– Nab a Mega Mushroom, and your character will grow huge for an extended period
– Shots become more powerful and your reach much longer
– This mechanic requires some strategy, as hitting a power shot as a giant can knock back your opponents during their return shot, potentially leaving them vulnerable to a well-placed drop shot
– Grabbing the Mushroom pauses the action abruptly to play an animation
– When this happens, the game resumes the action a split-second in the past, allowing you time to get your bearings and get your timing right
– Mario, Bowser, Peach, and Toad in the demo
– Use combinations of button presses for a variety of trick shots—top spin, side spin, lob shots, and drop shots
– Charge up shots for a bigger bang, at the cost of reduced mobility if you misjudge ball placement

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