Animal Crossing New Horizons’ Fall Season is On the Way!

As August turns into September, the gorgeous tropical islands of Animal Crossing: New Horizons are waving goodbye to summer’s blue shells and beach-themed gear and getting ready to welcome the warm, rich tones and homey feelings of Fall. As the Fall updates roll out around the world, the islands’ trees will begin to display leaves in a riot of autumnal colors.

But that’s not all! The New Horizons fall update will bring with it a ton of new items to collect, decor to craft, and more. First things first, new fish and bugs will be available for island dwellers to add to their collection. Flick the insect collector, and Blathers, the museum curator, will be looking for butterflies, crickets, pike, golden trout, and even the eye-catching cherry and king salmon.

As Fall continues, trees will begin dropping pinecones, acorns, and maple leaves, all of which can be crafted into gorgeous seasonal items, including furniture and apparel. DIY recipes for these items can be found carried by gently floating balloons. (Tommy and Timmy might even have some new items for sale in their Nook’s Cranny store — and they’ll be redecorating to celebrate the season!) The last unique collectible, mushrooms, can be dug up around the base of hardwood trees or found in hidden underground locations.


Of course, the fall season wouldn’t be complete without exciting events to look forward to as well. Nintendo has hinted that a Halloween event will be coming to New Horizons in October, featuring spooky seasonal items and the appearance of Jack, a villager who has proclaimed himself to be the ruler of Halloween! Celebrate the spooky season together with your island’s adorable residents in a future update.

How will you be celebrating Fall on your Animal Crossing island? Let us know!

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