Animal Crossing: New Horizons Summer Begins July 3

Summer is here all around the world — and that includes the beautiful tropical islands of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, of course! The beloved island life simulator remains one of the most popular titles for the Nintendo Switch, causing the console to sell out at retailers in multiple countries. Now, you can experience the beauty of summer together with your favorite villagers.

Starting July 3, you will be able to swim and dive into the beautiful blue ocean surrounding your island. In the sea, you’ll be able to collect specimens of various brand new sea creatures, including sea stars, sea anemones, and even shy, adorable, garden eels. Of course, these sea creature specimens can be donated to the island’s museum, where owl curator Blathers will proudly display them for all visitors to see.

While swimming around, you might even have a unique encounter with a friendly otter named Pascal. Pascal will trade shellfish such as scallops for brand new DIY recipes, which will allow you to decorate your home with gorgeous mermaid-style furniture. Based on the teaser trailer for the summer event, it looks like you’ll be able to fill an entire room with ocean-themed furniture and accessories, and even dress up as a mermaid yourself!

The summer event will include one more special encounter, in which you can find a pirate seagull named Gulliver washed up on your shore. However, the exact details of this encounter, as well as what rewards it might net you, remain a secret for now.

If those announcements weren’t exciting enough, the trailer also revealed that the July 3 update is only Wave 1 of the planned summer festivities. Wave 2 will come in early August, and we’ve got no idea what might be in store. More information will arrive as the release date draws closer.

Are you excited to celebrate summer in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? What new DIY recipes would you like to see? What do you think Gulliver’s role in the event will be? Let us know!

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