Animal Crossing: New Horizons Unveils New Update, Future Events

It seems like just yesterday that we were diving through datamines, eagerly speculating what Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ future might hold. Wait….that’s because it was yesterday! Just one day after a massive datamine hinted at several updates and upgrades for our islands, developer Nintendo released an announcement confirming that many of these additions are coming to New Horizons in the very near future!

First up is the Nature Day event, which will begin on April 23 and continue until May 4. A new vendor, Leif the sloth, will open a garden-themed shop selling seeds and saplings. Players will be able to plant beautiful flowering bushes such as white and pink azaleas. The event will also feature limited-time promotions allowing players to earn Nook Miles for performing nature-themed activities such as planting three shrubs.

Leif isn’t the only new sales-creature who will be paying player’s islands a visit with the new free update. Tricky Redd the fox will be pulling up to your beach in his boat, “Jolly Redd’s Treasure Trawler”. Redd will sell furniture and art, but beware – some of his “masterpieces” may secretly be clever counterfeits!

Of course, you can’t just buy art from Redd without a place to proudly display it – and that’s where yet another tantalizing new update comes in. Players will be able to upgrade Blather’s museum and add an art gallery. That way, they can share these artistic treasures with all their island’s inhabitants!

Nintendo also teased several more exciting events happening over the next few months. The first week in May will be May Day. Players can redeem a May Day ticket to go on a one of a kind tour to a never before seen island. Unfortunately, only a brief hint of the island was shown in the video, but it looks like it will be absolutely chock full of exciting things to explore, including a hedge maze. You might even encounter a mysterious new visitor!

From May 18 to May 31, Blathers will be celebrating National Museum Day. He’ll be hosting a stamp rally, allowing players to collect stamps by visiting different museum exhibits and appreciating the fish, insects and fossils you’ve gathered. An as of yet unrevealed reward will be waiting for players who successfully complete the rally!

Finally, the entire month of June will be Wedding Season on everyone’s favorite tropical island. Photographer Harvey will be debuting a brand new wedding-themed studio, which players can decorate and customize in order to help married villagers, Reese and Cyrus, take the perfect anniversary photos. (Hmm, maybe I can convince my partner to hold our wedding on Harv’s Island…what do you guys think?)

It’s definitely going to be an exciting, action-packed couple of months in the bright, colorful world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. We’ll keep bringing you the latest news as these updates and events roll out!

Which part of the new update are you most looking forward to?(It’s definitely Wedding Season for me!) Let us know!

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