Another batch of Mario Party 10 details

Nintendo Force has delivered their preview for Mario Party 10 in which they share some more interesting details albiet slightly disappointing. This latest batch of details for Mario Party 10 can be found below for your viewing pleasure:

– no solo mode
– in amiibo party, while moving on boards, you have to tap the amiibo to GamePad to use your dice, roulette wheels and more
– one token lets you summon stars all across the board
– another token lets you double the coins you earn in one select minigame
– another token lets you swap places with one other person
– swap and save tokens to your amiibo
– collect character tokens to unlock board part
– you don’t need any additional amiibo to unlock extra boards
– pieces are locked to the one specific amiibo you save the tokens to
– Mario Party mode has surprises along the way in the form of traditional events
– no more special Captain spaces or the Bowser Jr. minigames
– Bowser and Lucky and Unlucky spaces return
– you can no longer choose what miningames you will play
– midway and end points still have you battling a boss
– five boards in total
– boards are standard grass land in Mushroom Park, a spooky environment with Haunted Trail, an underwater world called Whimsical Waters, a sky high experience with Airship Central and your lava finale in the Chaos Castle
– Bowser Party uses three of the five boards
– Boswer can place traps on the playing field
– the player team can try to steal dice blocks from Bowser

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