Mario Party 10 details – Amiibo Party and Bowser Party

IGN has published a preview on the upcoming Mario Party 10 which shares some interesting information about the game, specifically we have our fair selection of details on Bowser Party as well as Amiibo Party.

The preview article for Mario Party 10 by IGN is quite interesting to read and you can find it here. Also I have put the interesting details below:

amiibo Party

– Won’t unlock on the main menu unless you have an amiibo
– Scan different amiibo to unlock a character-specific board skin
– Boards come with touches like Goombas, Toads, etc.
– Boards are split into four quadrants
– Each section can be swapped out with the corresponding piece from another character’s board
– Board has only one path
– Get around quickly with warp pipes
– Each amiibo acts as a player piece as well
– You can write one of several special tokens to the figure
– Token examples: roll five dice on a turn, veto a selected mini-game and start the selection process over (looks like a P-Switch)
– Using a token drops it from your figure, but you can discover more to replace it as you play

Bowser Party

– Party mode and Bowser Party are also in Mario Party 10, as previously mentioned
– Bowser Party: a fifth player on the GamePad assumes takes on the role of Bowser
– Up to four players on Wii remotes compete against Bowser in various mini-games
– Sinister Slots: Mario and friends are all running on a hamster wheel, Bowser can spin and stop it at odd intervals to throw off the other player’s timing so they run into stage hazards
– Clawful Climb: the four other players scale a tower to escape Boswer; the player with the GamePad rapidly taps ZL and ZR to build up enough energy to move Bowser’s hands

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