Aonuma says that the character in the Zelda trailer may not be Link

After a long wait we have finally gotten our first view of a new Zelda game, or even better yet our first look at the next generation of Zelda games. During the trailer we saw a decent amount of detail in relation to design and how the game has evolved from it’s predecessors. The main point to mention is that in this trailer we only saw two characters, one a familiar horse and the other is what we the Zelda fan base believed to be Link.

Now Eiji Aonuma has added a little more mystery to the mix. According to the Zelda producer, “No one explicitly said that that was Link.”

What could this mean, I have looked at the trailer on multiple occasions and the pictures and it looks like Link, maybe though Link has no appearance in this game and this is a new character that has never been seen, then again I could be thinking about this way to much and Aonuma is trying to confuse us, who knows. Only time will tell and maybe we might find out more soon.

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