Bayonetta 2 details

Here is the details for Bayonetta 2 from E3, they also include some connections to Bayonetta 1, I have also ncluded the trailer for the game as well:

– Much of the story demo is the same as last year’s
– More of a focus on battle and advanced combos
– Triggers on the gamepad are only used for charged attacks
– This includes Umbra Climax
– The game lets players know when these powered up attacks are ready to go,
– Two main button-mashing attacks: physical and guns
– Holding down either the X or A buttons allows Bayonetta to repeatedly fire an endless supply of bullets from the guns either on her heels or hand
– Jump button can also be held down to trigger Bayonetta’s flying ability
– Activate Witch Time with a well-timed evade
– As you defeat enemies, small golden Halos will burst out for players to collect
– Use them on new combos, upgrades, costume changes
– Purchase Nintendo costumes for Bayonetta 1 with collected halos in the store


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