Apex Legends Short “Fight Night” Reveals Pathfinder’s Backstory

Respawn Entertainment has released a new “Stories from the Outlands” short via its official website and the Apex Legends YouTube channel. Entitled “Fight Night,” the short focuses on the backstory of the robotic Recon Legend Pathfinder. In the process, it reveals that Pathfinder might share some unique and mysterious connections with some of the game’s other Legends.

Described as a “robot noir,” the short tells the story of Victor Maldera, an ex-cop tracking down the person responsible for a tragic fire at Humbert Labs. During his search, Maldera meets Pathfinder, whose memory files contain proof that the fire was started by none other than Apex Legends’ very own Caustic. The files Maldera views also indicate that Pathfinder may have met or had some connection to a number of other Legends, including Revenant and Loba.

Viewers also get a brief glimpse of Pathfinder’s creator, a French scientist, who reveals that the robot was initially created to discover and explore new worlds, including the titular Outlands. Pathfinder may have joined the Apex Games in order to get the attention of said creator, who no longer seems interested in the robot’s progress.

Fans have praised the animated short as Respawn Entertainment’s best. In particular, there has been a surprising amount of praise and support for Victor Maldera, with many hoping that he will be added to the game as a playable Legend in the future. Given that the short shows Maldera as an amateur boxer with strong combat abilities of his own, it’s definitely not impossible that he might make his way to the Apex Games.

Stories from the Outlands, also known as “Lore Trailers,” are released at the end of each season of Apex Legends. Longer Stories, such as “Fight Night,” often herald upcoming Town Takeovers or other events. The event connected to “Fight Night” is currently scheduled to kick off on January 5, 2021.


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