Artwork has Emerged of a Canceled Wii-Era Zelda Project

Back in 2009, a rumored “Sheik” stealth game was allegedly in development made by Retro Studios. Thanks to Shinesparkers, some pre-production concept art has been unearthed for both a canceled The Legend of Zelda spin-off and a game based on the Mario series character, Boo.

The alleged development took place between 2005 and 2008,  and the original portfolio data contained a whole load of artwork, of both games.

sammy hall spiritraw
Concept art of one of the Sheikah that the game is presumably based around.

The rumor comes from a video game artist named Sammy Hall. The art is from his portfolio when he worked at Retro Studios as a pre-production artist. There’s quite a lot of sketches, especially for the Zelda spin-off.

The game seems like it would have been one of the darker entries in the series, as enemies and environments look similar to The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess in terms of style. The art seems to have numerous designs for various different Zelda races including the Gerudo, Sheikahand Deku Scrubs.

sammy hall spiritrawface
This artwork shows an interesting bearded character. There seems to have been a lot of different character designs for each ‘race.”

The artwork is from pre-production, so it’s likely the title was canceled early in development. At the moment the development of the Sheik title is just a rumor as we haven’t had any confirmation from Retro Studios or Nintendo.

There’s less concept art available for the Boo game, which was in development between 2006 and 2007 and seems to have the titular character changing forms, whilst maintaining the charming art style of the Mario series.

sammy hall darkvaloorace

What do you think of the artwork? Would you have been excited to see these games?

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