Nintendo Earnings Report Raises Hopes For Upcoming Sequels

As part of their fiduciary responsibilities to their shareholders, Nintendo is obligated to provide reports on the state of the business over the course of the fiscal year. These reports show the state of earnings over the year, what’s gone up, and by how much, as well as projections for the new fiscal year.

In one of their reports to shareholders summarizing FY 2019, which closed at the end of March this year, Nintendo provided a number of interesting data points.

Some of these data points are not necessarily surprising, considering the current state of consumer access during the COVID-19 pandemic. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has certainly proven to be a seller, even in the closing weeks of Nintendo’s fiscal year, with over 13 million copies sold in six weeks and exceeding the lifetime number of copies sold for all previous entries of the series combined.

Others are grim reminders that the pandemic may continue to affect the ability of Nintendo to put out new titles at all.

But buried in the legalese about uncertainty and forecasting sits a potentially exciting datum. Three highly beloved series are listed with “TBA” release dates.

The titles in question are Bayonetta 3, the working titled Metroid Prime 4, and a sequel to Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild which is also carrying a working title. The last known information about Bayonetta 3 and Metroid Prime 4 dates back to 2017, where it was announced both titles would be coming out on the Nintendo Switch. Breath of The Wild 2 had a teaser trailer at E3 last year, but there’s been very little word since.

The fact that the release dates are listed as “TBA” indicates that the projects are still ongoing and have not been canceled. And while it’s possible they could be released between now and March 2021, there’s nothing definitive about it. For now, players can take comfort in the hope they are still being worked on.

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