The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit revealed, in Life is Strange universe

DONTNOD previously confirmed that the next adventure in the Life is Strange universe would feature an all-new story. Moving away from Max and Chloe, the next game in the universe will follow a young child who has a vibrant imagination.

Announced today at Microsoft’s E3, DONTNOD’s next game in the Life is Strange  universe is The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. Compared to Life is Strange, this seems to be a much lighter journey, although it will still feature some tough commentary. The trailer for the game suggests elements of family tragedy, alcoholism and loneliness. Overall, it seems to be an whimsical story of the boy finding inspiration through his incredible imagination.

DONTNOD suggests that this will be “the first step” towards a true Life is Strange sequel. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit will be free to download on Xbox one beginning June 21st.

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