Halo Infinite Unveiled at Microsoft’s E3

Microsoft opened their E3 conference today with a bombshell: the next chapter in the Halo universe: Halo Infinite.

Although details were sparse, we got a look at some beautiful in-game footage. Most of the shots from the trailer showed environments and fauna on a Halo. We also see several USMC Marines exploring the Halo.

The final shot shows an armored hand holding Master Chief’s helmet, which all but confirms that he will appear in the game. This is also touted as the next chapter in Halo, but whether it is a sequel to Halo 5: Guardians is not yet known.

The game is being developed by 343 Industries and powered by the brand new Slipspace Engine.

For the first time ever, it’s also coming to Windows 10, as well as Xbox One. There is no release date for Halo: Infinite, but be sure to check out the trailer below:

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