Batgirl and more have been revealed for Batman Arkham Knight

A new trailer recently arrived for Batman Arkham Knight which revealed a series of new details on the game, the trailer revealed the Dual Play feature which was interesting in itself but Rocksteady has not left us there with them providing us with even more details on the game.

Easily the most exciting announcement is the fact that for the first time in the history of the Arkham series we will be able to play as Batgirl and fight the good fight to protect Gotham City from danger. You will be able to choose to play the storyline of Arkham Knight as Batgirl as well as check out Crimefighter Challenge Maps using Batgirl’s very specific set of skills.

Rocksteady has also announced that there will be plenty of skins and costumes available for Batman and his friends. The costume additions will include several incarnations of uniforms from the comic book history, even more exciting you will also be able to drive the most iconic Batmobile’s from the series.

Batman Arkham Knight will be available to buy on June 23rd, and all the above things mentioned are part of the season pass. At least this is beginning to warrant the expense of the season pass and should you choose to buy it these things will be avalible to you in the months following the games launch.

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