Could Joker be alive in Batman Arkham Knight?

Okay, we are diving into spoiler territory here but if Batman Arkham City has been out for years so I don’t really care. As those who have played Arkham City will know at the games end the Joker dies, it was a scene filled with irony and a touch of sadness as this major character who had been a driving force in both Arkham City and its Arkham Asylum took his final bow and passed onto the next world.

However while this may be what we think we saw and it most likely is the latest trailer for Batman Arkham Knight does seem to provide some possible secrets. During the trailer we are shown the title of a show called Johnny Charisma: Live – a phrase in which Gamespresso pointed out you can spell “Jocha is alive”. Now this is just a bit of stretch but even though the spelling is wrong this could possibly have been the developers hinting at the clown prince having a return in Batman Arkham Knight. I have no idea how he would have survived but when Batman Arkham Knight arrives we can find out for certain, for know we will have to wait and see.


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