Batman Arkham Knight has been delayed, new trailer released

Another game has taken the rank of delayed that we have become so accustomed to in recent weeks. Following the delays of several highly anticipated games over the past couple of weeks another highly anticipated game has seen a delay, this time it is Batman Arkham Knight which in itself has already made fans have quite a long wait to get their hands on the game with the supposed final entry in the Batman Arkham series having originally been slated for release in 2014 but since was pushed back to June 2nd, now however the game has been delayed once again pushing it back by thankfully only a couple of weeks with the new release date set for June 23rd. We can handle a couple of weeks wait can’t we, sure we can. Rocksteady has said the reason for the game delay is quite simply “a developer that hates to make any compromises” and so he required more time to avoid that. Good reasoning in my opinion as long as the game the unable to make compromise is not on a bad thing, if you happen to be concerned about the delay however Rocksteady has been kind enough to provide us with a new trailer to tide us over for some I feel this will not be enough but you should watch it and revel in the fact that hopefully Rocksteady is doing the right thing. Enjoy the newest trailer for Batman Arkham Knight which looks visually stunning:

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