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A lot of Splatoon news today as many major game websites have released previews for Splatoon each featuring some brand new details on the game, from these previews from sites such as IGN and GameSpot I have rounded up some of the key details discussed within the previews:

– As previously mentioned, players customize a squidling and use ink as a weapon
– Can toss it on your rivals or mark your territory in 8-player multiplayer battles
– Swim in it to travel faster and refill ink to spray more color
– Use currency obtained in multiplayer to unlock more weapon sets and special gear
– Splat Roller: roller brush lays down a soothing coat of friendly ink; can flick out a deadly spread, too
– .52 Gal features a grenade launcher-like design that sprays out heavy ink blobs at a lower rate of fire than some of the other weapons, with a much higher damage rate
– Inkzooka and Killer Wail are powerful special weapons
– The weapons you unlock come in three-piece sets
– There’s one primary, a grenade type, and a special weapon
– If you switch over to the Uzi-like Splattershot Jr., you’re also switching over to Splatter Bombs as a sub weapon and a shield as your special
– Single-player design is similar in setup to a stage in Super Mario Galaxy
– Each stage strings together floating islands that focus on building specific skills
– Each stage has a squid launching sequence
– Story: follows Cap’n Cuttlefish, an odd-looking war hero who wants you to collect recover the stolen Zapfish from the dastardly Octarians
– Learn about the fundamentals of shooting, swimming, jumping, speeding through ink tubes, or even using valves of gushing color in combat in the first few levels
– Fight grunt-like Octotroopers, squarish Octostamps, and speedy Octolings
– Each one has a distinct method of fighting and personality on the battlefield
– Splat Zones: one of the objective games you’ll find under Splatoon’s Ranked Battles
– This has players capturing and holding a single zone until a 100-point timer runs down to zero
– Teams need to work together to press and hold the highlighted zone and keep out rivals
– Ranked Battles won’t unlock until a portion of the player base reaches level 10
– Ranked matches separate the player pool by specific letter ranks that range from top tier A+ to C-
– Ex: A rank players won’t play with a C rank squad
– Ranks are independent of the player leveling system, which unlocks new equipment sets
– Rather than strategize via direct communication, Nintendo suggests that players use the bird’s eye view of the map that’s displayed on the GamePad to locate their teammates
– Fighting to kill in single-player, which is different from multiplayer
– Single-player has sponge platforms that grow when hit with ink

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