Battalion 1944 Pre-Announcement Trailer

There’s a new developer in town, and they’re out to make a name for themselves in the world of competitive first-person shooters.

Bulkhead Interactive has released a pre-announcement trailer for its upcoming FPS, Battalion 1944. The trailer details its goals as a developer, which revolve around “recapturing those days that’ve gone by, the fun we’ve had, playing until 3 a.m., [and] practicing until really late [in] the night.” Strongly motivated by nostalgia, Bulkhead has created something special, remembering the late nights we all had playing the early Call of Duty games.

Members of the Bulkhead team have traveled to France and scouted the locations for Battalion 1944, aiming to accurately capture the visceral nature, bravery, and fear that the soldiers of World War II experienced, and to create a beautiful, accurate environment.

“Combining the beautiful backdrop of World War II France and Unreal Engine with classic shooters that we grew up playing as kids… I think it’s a winning combination,” said Joe Brammer, studio lead and charismatic spokesperson of the Bulkhead Interactive team.

Bulkhead team members getting a hands-on look at some WWII weaponry.

Battalion 1944 has been designed with contemporary, competitive shooters and all the changes they brought to the table strongly in mind.

“It’s not about re-inventing the wheel… It’s about going back to what was great about games that has been lost…” said David Jones, the lead gameplay designer.

It feels to me that Battalion 1944 will fill a gap in my gamer heart that has been an empty cavern for years. Recent Call of Duty games, among other FPS series, have become so complicated and clustered with information, power-ups, aesthetic items, and excessive noise that they’ve become distant from what they once were. Battalion 1944 might just be the breath of fresh air that FPS fans like myself really need.

The goal to recapture lost memories that have been discarded by major game companies and AAA titles makes this a game for the community. With that being said, Bulkhead has a surprise for us: the game will cost $14.99. This low price could be inspired by PlayerUnknown’s Battelgrounds’ famously low $29.99. It could also be a reaction to $59.99 price tags on AAA titles, in which players aren’t satisfied for very long, or are forced to pay for additional DLC.

+10 XP, no more, no less. Nice and simple, just how it used to be.

Bulkhead Interactive is a new name on my radar and one that I will keep a close watch on after seeing this trailer. I’m impressed by the amount of dedication the team has put in through their scouting trips and their desire to bring back lost feelings and experiences to a widely loved game genre.

Check out the pre-announcement trailer for Battalion 1944. The gameplay trailer will realease on January 9.

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