Payday 2 Coming to Switch in February

Back during the April Nintendo Direct, one of the surprise announcements was that Starbreeze Studios was bringing Payday 2 to the Nintendo Switch. Months have passed with complete radio silence, leading many to speculate that this might not come.

However, the developers have officially confirmed that not only is Payday 2 still coming to Switch, but will hit the Switch in February, specifically February 23 in Europe and the 27 for the Americas and Australia.

The game will retain the same fun of the original release but with the added benefit of portable play. If you are unfamiliar with the game, you and your team plan and execute heists, starting by scouting out your target — such as a jewelry store — and then heading in and taking action.

If you are interested in Payday 2, you will have the opportunity to either pick it up digitally or physically. Starbreeze Studios is handling the digital release, while 505 Games will produce the physical product, in case any fellow collectors were worried they would not be able to add a shiny Switch box to their collection.


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