Battlefield Hardline: Blackout downloadable content coming free for everyone

Great news for Battlefield Hardline fans, developer Visceral Games has announced a new batch of downloadable content is on its way to the game and it will be completely free. The new content titled Battlefield Hardline: Blackout will provide a huge batch of new content for every player.

Blackout will be included as part of the upcoming base game update, and includes new maps, guns, gadgets, and a host of improvements to the main game. The central theme of theme of the downloadable content is darkness. Though Blackout isn’t as large as your standard downloadable content expansion, it is pretty substantial considering it is free. Here’s all the content coming with Blackout:

  • Two maps: Night Job and Night Woods (night versions of Bank Job and Backwoods)
  • 1 new gadget: Night Vision Goggles
  • 2 new weapons for all classes and factions: a new version of the RO933 and a new Battle Rifle
  • New music, camos, assignments, patches, and more

Battlefield Hardline: Blackout will arrive sometime in the future and you must remember you will need a copy of Battlefield Hardline to access the Blackout extra content.

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