Infune says Mighty No. 9 won’t be delayed again, sequel will happen if it’s successful

Mighty No. 9 was a Kickstarter success and while immense popularity we are hitting a point now where we are over waiting, after many delays (including a recent one) Mighty No. 9 is finally set to arrive early next year and according to Keiji Inafune no more delays should occur.

During a lecture at the Unreal Fest 2015 Yokohama Event, Keiji Inafune spoke a bit about Mighty No. 9. Japanese website Inside-Games relayed some of what was shared.

Inafune promised that Mighty No. 9 won’t suffer another delay. One of the big reasons why it was pushed back is because of the high number of platforms involved.

At this time Inafune is not saying that Mighty No. 9 is a success, in fact its future is strictly in the hands of the consumers. Inafune has said if the game sell well enough a sequel will be made. So in other words when the game finally arrives you need to purchase a copy on your console of choice.

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