Battlefield Hardline’s Getaway content is free for a limited time

Battlefield 1, the latest entry in the long running franchise is set to arrive later this year, and DICE and Visceral are not forgetting their previous games moving forward, in fact as we urge closer the two companies are doing a sort of promotion for the franchise by offering selected pieces of additional content for free.

Last month DICE offered Battlefield 4’s final piece of paid additional content titled Final Stand for free and for a limited time, this month Visceral is offering free content for Battlefield Hardline, allowing for people to download the games Getaway content for free.

Getaway is the third paid piece of additional content released for Battlefield Hardline, this content provides those who get it with four additional multiplayer maps, a new game mode, new weapons, and a handful of other items. Getaway is running from May 31st through to June 7th, if you have not downloaded it by this date then you miss out, following this the content will revert back to its regular price of $14.99 in America (other prices vary by country).

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