Update: Still in development, Dead Island 2 has been removed from mention on Steam

Update 31/5/16: Deep Silver has confirmed that Dead Island 2 is still in development despite vanishing from Steam, this goes against many theories suggesting the game had ended up being cancelled.

Original Story: Dead Island 2 has been on a rough run since its announcement back at E3 2014, much like many other games stuck with development issues we as the gaming public have been left to wonder what future the game has, and even more worrying if the game itself will actually turn out alright.

New concerns over Dead Island 2 have risen today as the game has found itself removed from mention on Steam, this follows the particularly troublesome time it has had during development, issues started after original developer Techland left the series to work on Dying Light. Yager Development took over to handle Dead Island 2 but unfortunately publisher Deep Silver opted to let them go, this lead to more concerns over the game, currently Deep Silver has Little Big Planet 3 developer Sumo Digital handling the game but where they are going is anyone’s guess.

This makes the removal from Steam interesting and concerning, the games database entry still remains but all mention of Dead Island 2 is non-existent. Perhaps this is Deep Silver’s work as they prepare make a re-reveal of the game at E3, it could have a new name and a series change in direction as Sumo Digital attempt to make the project their own. Rumors are also floating around suggesting the game could have also been cancelled considering the rough development of the game, unfortunately we will have to wait for Deep Silver or Sumo Digital to provide information on what is going to at this time.

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