Before I Forget Partners With UK Alzheimer’s Research

Upcoming indie title Before I Forget has partnered with a UK research charity to help raise awareness for dementia and Alzheimer’s research during World Alzheimer’s Month this next September. The charity organization specializes in finding preventative measures for dementia as well as researching potential cures.

3-Fold Games, a small indie developer, had their game recently featured in the June Humble Originals lineup from Humble Bundle. Before I Forget is slated to be released worldwide on July 16 for PC, Mac, and Linux through Steam and, after being available for Humble subscribers. The Steam version will also have a full copy of a radio play script written by designer Chella Ramanan, which helped shape the game’s narrative. The game is expected to retail for $7.99.

The game’s premise puts the player in the role of Sunita, a woman experiencing early-onset dementia.  Players will move through different rooms of her home, picking up various objects which trigger memories that taken together tell the story of Sunita’s past and describe the circumstances of her present.  3-Fold Games worked with Gaming The Mind, a UK-based mental health group, to more accurately model the effects of dementia in the game.  3-Fold anticipates Before I Forget will be a short playthrough, approximately one hour.

Tim Parry, the director of Alzheimer’s Research UK, commented on the game. “Before I Forget is a poignant evocation of a heart-breaking condition. While the player will be left with a very real sense of the impact of dementia, they will also leave with a lasting impression of the person behind the diagnosis, their story, and their feelings. The game is a unique medium for bringing to life the confusion and fear of dementia, but also reminds us of the pivotal moments in our lives that make us who we are.”

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