Much of what Bethesda showed off during their presentation was expected but gladly the company did bring a surprise to E3, Bethesda has revealed we are getting not one but two Fallout games this year. One of these is Fallout 4, meanwhile the other is an entirely new game releasing for mobile devices. The new game is called Fallout Shelter which within it you create and oversee your own vault. Fallout Shelter is a 3D game that comes in a 2D perspective and was inspired by XCOM, Sim City, and FTL. Each dweller in the vault has full s.p.e.c.i.a.l. stats, outfits, and more! You will be able to build and expand your vault however you want, and you can gain more dwellers the old-fashioned way.

With this game Bethesda has promised that there will be no paywalls, timers, and even better you will not need an internet connection. Get ready because the game should be available about now.