Bethesda E3 Conference Quick Report

Bethesda’s E3 conference has come and gone and though there was no Elder Scrolls VI what we got wasn’t bad.

For starters, Bethesda revealed that both DOOM and Fallout 4 will be receiving VR treatment with DOOM VFR and Fallout 4 VR. (It’s no mystery what the stands for.)

Dishonored 2 will be receiving some DLC, perhaps standalone, called Death of the Outsider. The cinematic trailer shows that players will likely play as Meagan Foster, the captain of the Dreadful Wale in Dishonored 2, or a combination of her and Daud, who was also in the trailer.

The Evil Within 2 was also revealed with a psychedelic trailer.

The grand finale was a lengthy trailer for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. The trailer, which had live-action, cinematic, and in-game segments, revealed that B. J. Blazkowicz is back, is recovering from surgery, and has some kind of power suit that shields him. It will have an American setting where the US is under Nazi control and B. J. is once again joining up with a resistance group. Check out the trailer below.

E3 continues tomorrow with “The PC Gaming Show” and Ubisoft’s and Sony’s press conferences. Tuesday morning is Nintendo’s.

Warning: Strong content in trailer below.


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