Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Announced for Nintendo 3DS

Despite rumors that the next major Pokemon installment would release on the Switch, The Pokemon Company has revealed the next major Pokemon games to be coming to the 3DS. These are Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, arriving on November 17 worldwide.

The reveal was made subtly, being at the end of the Pokken Tounament DX commercial. The reveal also only showed minor details, many of which looked familiar to the main Sun and Moon games.

The Pokemon Company has shared that Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will take place on an alternate story line from the original games with new features and new Pokemon to find. It even brings a new look for the box: legendary Pokemon Solgeleo and Lunala.

It is not clear where Nintendo plans to go with this, but the “Ultra” titling suggests the games will have a connection with the Ultra Beasts from the main games. It is possible we have a Black 2 and White 2 situation but time will tell when The Pokemon Company reveals more on this game closer to launch.

What will be different? What path will the story lead down? Hopefully this game explores different territory and mixes things up from the originals.

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