Bethesda is reviving Quake as Quake Champions a competitive e-sports style game

Bethesda has started its E3 press conference and to open it up this year, they came out in a big way and revealed the return of the Quake franchise with Quake Champions.

Quake Champions is designed as a modern update of the classic franchise and is designed to appeal to all players. Quake Champions is being pushed for “world-class e-sports play” with this being being its core design and being Bethesda’s main focus.

The game is only coming for PC and will run at 120 Hz. Characters in the game will have different abilities like many modern competitive shooter, and people have suggested links to games in the MOBA genre.

Bethesda has only shared a pre-rendered trailer (which you can see below), and little detail has been shared. Bethesda is keeping quiet on details for this game until QuakeCon that is on later this year, where more details will be shared.

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