Nintendo is preparing to show off a wide array of Zelda U footage in the coming days but before all this we have a new piece of artwork that has been freshly leaked to consider.

Amazon’s product page for the Wii U version of the new Legend of Zelda shared a new promotional image for Zelda that has never been seen and this one is pretty fascinating. Unlike a lot of Nintendo’s promotional pieces of art this particular image seems to actually share an interesting new detail that could be possibly be in the new game, take a look below:

Zelda U artwork Link climbing

This image shows Link climbing a rock face, with a wide landscape in the background. There is plenty of detail here showing a few interesting structures gracing the open field, this brings up the question of whether this is actual concept art for something that we will see in the game, however for this we have no idea. The more interesting detail about this artwork is of course the climbing, is this a new key element of Zelda U allowing for even more exploration, and ultimately allowing us to get everywhere in this cohesive world? Again, we don’t know but this is certainly interesting and holds a whole lot of promise and potential, perhaps this might be a key element is getting through certain dungeons, or even exploring certain parts of the world that will not be explorable on horse. Either way this is pretty fascinating, and I hope that this more then concept art, and will be part of the core game adding all new movement forms.

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