Bethesda Will be Working on VR Projects in the Future?

Back when E3 was being held, Bethesda was showing off two of their most popular games in an all new way – with Virtual Reality. Players could walk the wasteland in Fallout 4 or come face-first with a giant boss towering over them in Doom.

VP of Bethesda, Pete Hines, handles the marketing and press of Bethesda and has recently released statements indicating that the company is definitely interested in further delving into VR.

Hines spoke to Gamereactor, stating that, “I think all of our studios continue to look at VR as a possibility for the stuff that they’re working on, and where it’s a good fit, yeah I think you’ll see us announcing some projects in the future.” However, he also made it clear that VR isn’t the only thing they plan to start working on.

While VR has been gaining more and more buzz these past few years, it’s still a very new technology. If a company like Bethesda was to turn a game as big as Fallout into a VR experience, it would take a lot of tweaking and bug-fixing to make it perfect. A big concern people have when it comes to using this technology is actually getting up and walking because you feel like you are in the game. However, E3 proved that while Bethesda has got that issue out of the way so far, the problems that need to be fixed are more the in game mechanics.

If Bethesda does rerelease one of their games as a VR title, the controls will probably be completely different and new aspects will be added to replace what just isn’t possible in VR. In the past, we’ve seen that Bethesda is a game company that knows how to take their time with their projects until it’s perfect. So personally, I’m looking forward to seeing what future VR projects these guys may be coming out with.


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