Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain are officially coming to the Playstation 4

Last year a rumor surfaced that suggested Quantic Dream’s Playstation 3 classic Beyond: Two Souls was seeing a remaster for the Playstation 4, since this time nothing has come of it and no news had been revealed, until now at least. Developer of Beyond: Two Souls, Quantic Dream has today made it official that Beyond: Two Souls, as well as Heavy Rain are on their way to the Playstation 4.

It has been confirmed on the Playstation Blog by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s John O’Brian that both games will see a release separately on the Playstation Store, this won’t case with a physical release in Europe however. Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain will be seeing a bundled release physically, with no announcement as to an individual sale made, a similar deal will be offered with the digital release.

The Playstation 4 versions of these games are set to arrive in Europe as well as the PAL region, however at this point in time a release date on the games is unknown.

North American Playstation 4 owners on the other hand will be seeing the games arrive in one form or another according to Quantic Dream’s twitter account, it remains to be seen how the games will arrive in the region.


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