Biden Campaign Debuts Custom Fortnite Map

Following the success of their themed Animal Crossing: New Horizons island, and New York representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s wildly popular Among Us stream, the Joe Biden Presidential Campaign has created and debuted a Biden-themed map in popular free to play battle royale game Fortnite. The map, titled “Build Back Better with Biden,” was crafted using the game’s Creative Mode and is set in a location called “Reboot City,” which can be accessed via “No Malarkey Station”.

The map features six mini-games which players can enjoy, each tied to one key element Biden-Harris campaign. Completing these tasks will allow players to learn more about renewable energy, cleaning up your local environment, and the fight to make 5G more accessible for all. Install solar panels and broadband Internet all around town, clean up trash using a hoverboard, and even help Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris find her missing items. You can even meet the Biden family dogs, Champ and Major, and learn all about Biden’s favorite ice cream while sliding down an ice cream themed slide!

The map was released last weekend, when the majority of voters were believed to have already visited the polls or mailed in an absentee ballot during the Early Voting period. However, it may have affected voter turnout on Election Day, which took place on Tuesday, November 3.

While US election results are expected to be announced within the week, the Biden campaign’s Fortnite map remains open and accessible to all. Take a visit to “Reboot City” using this code: 0215-4511-1823. The six mini-games offer approximately half an hour of content.

What other video games would you like to see politicians using to spread information about their campaign in future elections? Do you think Biden’s Animal Crossing and Fornite efforts have affected the election results? Let us know!

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