Bioware: Next Mass Effect game to contain nods to the original games

During the last generation of consoles there is one series that can probably say played a major role in many older gamers lives, for those who are presently trying to think up many possibilities, which there are for this instance I refer to Mas Effect. Mass Effect contained so much story and much more that it really impacted their lives. The only really bad part for fans is that Mass Effect was merely a Trilogy, thankfully for fans Bioware has announced a while back that a new series of Mass Effect games is coming up and acording to Bioware’s Aaryn Flynn there will be several nods to the original game, here is what he had to say:

“It’s exciting because [developer BioWare] Montreal is really killing it with Frostbite–they’re working really hard on that stuff. Casey [Hudson, series executive producer] and the Mass Effect leads are really working well with them, making sure everyone’s learning stuff, getting the fundamental tenets of the IP down. And they’re just going for it; they’re doing a lot of really cool stuff right now.”

“We’ve got a pretty cool idea for how we’re going to carry on, keep the trilogy story separate, but at the same time, give a bunch of nods to fans who’ve really enjoyed the trilogy in the past.”

Flynn also said that there are “definitely returning races. It’s Mass Effect, so it wouldn’t be a Mass Effect game without the Krogans. The technology that makes the Krogans look so good, it’s just off the charts, it’s amazing.”

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