Bioware Voice Acting Contest

Everyone has, at some moment in their life, thought, “I’d make a better voice actor than [insert game character here]” or “My voice would be amazing coming from their mouth!”  Sadly, for most of us, opportunity just isn’t that easy to come by. Well, now may be the time for you to prove your metal to the gaming gods!

Bioware is having a contest! Fans of the ever popular Dragon Age franchise will have the opportunity to voice one of two characters in the upcoming Dragon Age Inquisition. The Villager or the Seneschal. All you need is a camera, your dirty bedroom, the script, and your beautiful throat chords. It also states that don’t need to worry about accents, costumes, or any of that nonsense. Just you and your voice. That’s it! Then, when your audition is good and ready, just email it to Oh, and don’t forget to tweet your video with the hashtag #TakeYourPlaceDAI

Participants have until 12 o’clock midnight PST to get their entries recorded and sent directly to Bioware! After that, an esteemed panel of Bioware staff members will judge each entry. The winners will be announced on April 14th, 2014! Winners will be flown to one of Bioware’s recording studios. Not to mention that they will be provided with two nights of accommodations! How amazing is that?

So get out your camera, feel free to clean your room, and record yourself!

Source: Bioware Blog

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