Bloober Team Returns To Cause More Scares With Layers of Fear 2

2016 brought horror fans the incredibly creative and fascinating Layers of Fear. It was a game that used clever perception tricks to keep players on the edge, never allowing them to know where the game was going to go next. One moment you were staring at a room of bricked up doorways, then the next it was on fire, shortly before a pathway opened behind us. For all that Layers of Fear did however, there was some problems which hopefully a sequel could fix.

Cue said sequel as the game’s developer Bloober Team has revealed Layers of Fear 2. The original Layers of Fear was set in a Victorian-era mansion wherein you helped to complete an artist’s masterpiece. The sequel will take us to a turn-of-the-century cruise ship floating out at sea, keeping to the more olden day feel of the series to date. The trailer even features grainy film of distorted figures who are likely to cause us trouble.

Not many details are known of the upcoming game although we can expect narration by Tony Todd, whom old horror fans will know as the Candyman. No word on a release date or what platforms we might see the game on at this time, but surely news will come. Hopefully Layers of Fear 2 can reach the potential that the original game was just of short of, and maybe this sequel will offer us more of the iconic design that made the original so intriguing.

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