Borderlands 3 New Takedown, Bounty of Blood DLC Coming Soon

In an all-new, all at-home episode of The Borderlands Show hosts Greg Miller, and Fran Mirabella revealed not one, but two exciting tidbits of news regarding popular looter-shooter Borderlines 3. First, an all-new Takedown mission will be launching for free in June – but that’s not all! The game’s third paid DLC campaign, officially titled Bounty of Blood: A Fistful of Redemption, debuts just a few weeks later.

Takedown at the Guardian Breach can be downloaded for free beginning June 4. Bounty of Blood arrives later that month on June 25.

Guardian Breach is intended as a high-intensity endgame mission, similar to the previously released Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite. It will challenge the skills and teamwork of high-level players as they subdue rogue Guardians on the planet of Minos Prime. Players who complete all available challenges – which will include puzzles, low-gravity platforming, and a tricky boss battle – will be rewarded with new weapons, gear, and themed cosmetics. Although any number of players can complete Guardian Breach, it is primarily designed for full teams of four.

Meanwhile, Bounty of Blood will introduce an all-new location: the desert planet of Gehenna. Your character will face off against the Devil Riders, a fearsome group of beast-riding bandits. In addition to taking down the bandits, a series of story missions and challenges will allow players to help restore the devastated town of Vestige. Will you become a hero to the community or a deadly menace? It’s all up to you!

In addition to the all-new story and characters, Bounty of Blood will introduce a variety of Western-themed weapons and gear. The Borderlands Show hosts were especially excited to announce the Jetbeast, a half-motorbike half-creature which will serve as the player’s “horse” as they explore Gehenna. Vault Hunters will also be able to use the Traitorweed plant to temporarily turn enemies into allies and the Breezebloom blossom to access otherwise out-of-reach areas.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the official Borderlands website to access a limited edition SHiFT code, which can be redeemed in-game for Golden Keys. This code expires on June 4, so act fast!

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